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0307 - 8-key conical Siccama system flute by Boosey & Co.

As the nineteenth-century progressed and flute fingerholes became increasingly large at the same time that their position was ever more determined by the acoustically appropriate position for the hole, it became increasingly necessary for mechanical interventions to counter the constraints of hand size and comfort. One particularly elegant solution, the brille key, was employed on the Siccama flute for holes 3 and 6, allowing the continued use of the old 8-key fingering with considerably increased volume. Although overshadowed by Boehm's various systems, the Siccama flute survived in use well into the twentieth century. John Hudson, the designer of the keys, was a particularly ingenious engineer, making what is effectively a modular key system (the brille keys are interchangeable, as are the Bb, G# and D#, and the removable key cups of most of the keys are the same). This particular flute is of cocus with pillar mounted silver keywork, and is stamped (crown)/SICCAMA/PATENTEE/LONDON/1032

Siccama 1032 Waters OAL mod.jpg
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