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Historical Instruments Study Collection

As indicated under 'Instruments' above, this is an active and changing collection, some of it gathered in support of my research, some to lend out to makers and players, and some  on the less elevated principle that stuff simply accretes to other stuff whether one wants it to or not. In the long term the collection is gradually finding new and more appropriate homes with players and collectors. The list therefore includes instruments which have already 'moved on'.  As I find the time each entry will eventually link to an individual page with further details of the maker, the instrument and in some cases the repertoire associated with it. Initially, at least, relatively few of these links (through the 'Object Nr.') will be active or complete. Please note that the instruments not in use for playing or study have to be kept in store, so I may need considerable notice to answer specific questions, or if a maker or player wishes to examine or borrow a particular instrument.

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