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The only rationale for the selection of these links is that they point to something I find extraordinary, beautiful or valuable. They may therefore change from time to time, as do I.

New York City Trees -

Adam Magyar's slit-scan photography -

Sound artist Pablo Sanz's ecologically-conscious work -

Architect, musician and sound artist Ricardo Jacinto -

I'm always pleased when someone makes work which doesn't sound like anyone else's. Rob Bentall has a distinctive 'voice' -

Inspired lunacy in the form of 'bird' automata and other virtual life-forms -

Visceral sound art works  from Bosch & Simons at are worth experiencing in person, indeed they need to be. I've witnessed 'Krachtgever' in several locations including Linz and Oslo, but without question its most poignant setting was in Stralsund.

Derek Gripper's adaptations of Kora music for classical guitar have a beautiful inevitability, and his website is a model of how to develop and market musicianship and education online:

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