0308 - 8-key conical flute by Rudall, Carte & Co. # 7038

Although by the 1890s the 8-keyed flute had been eclipsed by Boehm's designs, Rudall Carte would still supply such instruments if asked. This instrument, like most non-Boehm instruments by this point, was bought in from an outside contractor, in this case named Totman. According to Rudall Carte's records (Stock record II 87) it was completed on 27 August 1890. It is of lovely red-tinged cocus with 'german silver' rings and keys and is stamped [crown]/ RUDALL/ CARTE & Co/ 83 BERNERS STREET/OXFORD STREET/LONDON/7038. The instrument is featured in Bigio p.173, where thanks to my inept transcription it is ascribed the wrong serial number. It plays (in tune) at A440 with c.17mm head extension - with no flat foot, and easily to third octave G. It is in near-perfect original condition with its original, rather battered, case.  The large fingerholes still have sharp edges, suggesting the instrument has been little played, although the C key has been quite deliberately bent to a new position, presumably to suit a particular player. The instrument needed no restoration but has been repadded by Arthur Haswell.

RC 8-keyed flute 7038 Berners Street mod