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0808 - 8-key conical flute by Thurgood

I had ignored this instrument since buying it, leaving it unrestored as something of little interest, but this ?cocus and silver flute exemplifies one historical problem rather well. We know nothing at all about Thurgood, who appears in no directories. A Thurgood family appears to lose a disproportionate number of its men to transportation to Tasmania in the 1820s, and a group of four Thurgood women take out insurance on property around the Kingsland Road in London, but despite examining associated wills there appears to be nothing concrete to link them to flute making or music dealing. Several of Thurgood's surviving flutes (they are not uncommon) are stamped PATENT, but there's no evidence of there ever having been such a patent. Any leads on Thurgood would be most welcome...

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