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1911 - 7-key conical flute by Willis & Goodlad #1180

This, as yet unrestored, flute came to me from the estate of my first flute teacher, Christine Ring. (For more on Christine see the entry for Cahusac flute 1908, or follow Instruments/Texts). Although it was clearly not in particularly good condition when she got it, having a crudely enlarged embouchure and a non-original ivory crown, the situation wasn't improved by harpsichordist husband Layton, who left the flute on a radiator, with the predicable result that head and barrel now have full-length cracks. The flute clearly dates from the period after John Willis's death, when Willis & Goodlad was a partnership between John's widow Mary Ann and businessman John Dunkin Goodlad. It's likely that the flute was made by Willis's recent apprentice Henry Wylde, or possibly Thomas Ingram. It has W&G stamped under the touch of the C# key. Although in general I'm not in favour of invasive restorations of original instruments in this case the damage to the embouchure is so extensive that an ivory bushing is likely to be the most appropriate approach (along with a new crown with a smaller diameter).

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