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2002 - Cylindrical wooden Boehm flute by Rudall, Carte & Co #1622

This flute, featured on p.202 of Robert Bigio's standard work on Rudall, Rose & Carte flutes, has silver keys modelled after those of Boehm & Mendler, and was later known by the company as the American Pattern. It was completed on 17 August 1887 by A. Whitman, and sold on 8 October 1887 to Oliver Ditson & Co of Boston - musical instrument dealers who stocked a wide range of instruments often sourced from well-known makers. (They sold their own range of guitars, the better models of which were made for them by C.F.Martin). It came from the collection of Tony Bingham.

RC 1622 Boehm & Mendler model mod.jpg
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