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2108 - 8-key conical flute by Johann Gottfried Heinze
Heinze, born in Leipzig in 1762, is represented by surprisingly few surviving instruments. This one, in boxwood with brass keys and ivory mounts

is in unrestored condition. It has survived, missing many keys, with a single upper mid joint - numbered 3 - which is 149mm long (between tenons) and appears to give a pitch approximately a semitone above A440. Its 18.5mm headjoint bore, and general construction appear to support Herbert Heyde's opinion that Heinze's flutes were influenced by those of August I Grenser. The flute probably dates from around 1810. Heinze died on 10 Nov 1823 and was succeeded in business by his son Friedrich August Ferdinand Heinze, who was also the Türmer (tower keeper) of the Neukirche in Leipzig, and clarinettist in the 'Grossen Concert' Orchestra.

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