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4472 - 8-key 'Nicholson's Improved' flute by Thomas Prowse Jr.

This is a particularly beautiful example of a late-period Prowse flute from the Hanway Street manufactory. It features pillar-mount keys, unusual key cups which are clearly influenced by designs from the European mainland, especially France, (visible here particularly on the D# key), and a roller on the short F key which is clearly visible on this excellent comparative shot featuring detail of #4472 (above) and an earlier (and more typical) Prowse Jr. Nicholson flute, #3689. The F key roller obviates the need for substantial excavation under the key touch, which is a particular characteristic of Prowse flutes to allow smooth movement of r/h finger3 onto fingerhole 6. The photo (and the flutes) are from Rick Wilson, with his kind permission.

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